Who We Are and What We Do?

Specializing in urban infill, new construction and historical preservation, Method Construction provides new life to all projects and urban developments. With a progressive approach, Method carefully manages all phases of the real estate development from concept, through design to complete build out. Operating with integrity, accountability, and a mutual respect for the vision of all projects and team members, Method has successfully completed a variety of multi-family, commercial, and historical preservation projects.

Flexibility to operate as an independent general contractor or fully manage all the complete development are key components to our long run of success. Method mandates a strict systematic procedure from design to build, managing each and every stage of the project. The understanding of all project details, and the needs of all project team members, allows Method to execute at the highest level.


By carefully balancing the intimate details of concept, space, constructability and financial feasibility, Method manages all phases of design. Whether collaborating with some of the best architects in Chicago, or managing interior design projects in house, Method has the experience to turn the back of a napkin concept into a work of art.


With knowledge and practice working with the various cities and municipalities, Method understands how to bring significant change to sites and buildings in need of redevelopment. By fostering community support, identifying optimal financing means, and evaluating the overall project feasibility, we successfully bring development models to life.


Whether it’s a small build out or ground up construction, we have the expertise to manage any construction project. By utilizing a progressive approach to managing all phases of construction and maximizing value through quality control, value engineering, onsite efficiency, Method guarantees nothing but the highest level of service in managing construction projects.